English Meaning of tani

Meaning of 'tani' (தணி)

, II v. i. be allayed, pacified, soothed, ஆறு; 2. grow less, abate, குறை; 3. thrive, grow thick, பரு; 4. be extinguished, அணை; 5. yield, submit one's self, பணி; 6. be adapted as a coulter to the plough, இசை.

அவனுக்குத் தணியச் சொல்லு, speak with him so as to appease him.
தணிந்தவன், தணிந்துபோனவன், a humble-minded, submissive person.
தணிந்திருக்க, to be extinguished as a fire; to be soothed as an exasperated mind; to be moderated as fever; to be lower in height.
தணிமை, v. n. abatement.
தணிய, adv. (inf.) humbly, calmly.
தணியாத கோபம், inextinguishable anger.
தணிவு, v. n. abatement, mitigation, diminution. 2. calmness, coolness, submission; 3. inferiority, lowness as to height.
தணிவாயிருக்க, to be humble, to be quiet, to be lower in stature.
தணிவாய்ப் பேச, to speak humbly.
தணிவானபேச்சு, conciliatory language.

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