English Meaning of tavayu

Meaning of 'tavayu' (தவறு)

, III. v. i. slip or slide down, stumble, தப்பு; 2. err, fail, blunder, மீறு; 3. perish, die; 4. fall from moral rectitude, sin.

கால்(கை)தவறிற்று, the foot (hand) slipped.
சொல்தவறாதவன், one who never fails in his word.
தவறாதவன், one that fails not.
தவறாமை, infallibility, faithfulness to one's word.
தவறிநடக்க, to stagger, to fall from moral rectitude, transgress.
தவறிப்பேச, to contradict oneself; to stammer.
தவறிப்போக, to slip out of the hand; to be frustrated, to miss one's aim; 2. to fail (as a promise); 3. to fall from rectitude, 4. to err.
தவறிவிழ, to tumble over, to trip and fall.

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