English Meaning of tavir

Meaning of 'tavir' (தவிர்)

, தவிரு, II. v. i. & t. abstain from, நீங்கு; 2. shun, avoid, விலகு; 3. be excluded, avoided, omitted, கழி; 4. cease, ஒழி; 5. be hindered, frustrated. தடைபடு; 6. subside, abate, தணி; 7. desist, forbear, discontinue, விடு. தவிர, adv. (inf.) except, besides.

அவள் தவிர, அவனைத் தவிர, besides him, without him, him excepted.
அது (அதைத்) தவிர, except that.
அதுவுந் தவிர; besides that, moreover.
தவிர்வு, v. n. abstaining from, avoiding; 2. exception, omission; 3. relinquishment; 4. cessation, ஒழி தல்; 5. excluding, அகற்றுதல்.

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