English Meaning of tanam

Meaning of 'tanam' (தானம்)

{*}, s. a gift in charity, a donation, கொடை; 2. liberality bounty, ஈகை; 3. the rut of the elephant, யானை மதம்; 4. a tune, ராகம்.

தானங்கொடுக்க, தானதருமம்பண்ண, to give alms.
தானசீலன், a charitable man.
தானபத்திரம், -பத்திரிகை, a deed of gift.
தானாதிகருமங்கள், bestowing alms and performing other religious rites and duties.
தானாதிகாரி, (தான+அதிகாரி) an officer who recommends persons as deserving of charity or who is given the power to award gifts to persons according to their merits.

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