English Meaning of timiyu

Meaning of 'timiyu' (திமிறு)

, III. v. t. wriggle one's self or slip out of another's hands, விலகு; v. i. grow, increase, வளரு, used improperly for திமிர் in the sense of be well rubbed in, as oil etc.

என் கையைத் திமிறிப்போட்டு (க்கொண்டு) ஓடிப்போனான், he slipped out from my hand and ran away.
திமிறிப் பேச, to speak impertinently.
திமிறி யெழும்ப, to force one's self away from another coming to fight; 2. to become violent, as fever, lust, etc.

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