English Meaning of ter

Meaning of 'ter' (தேர்)

, தேரு, II. v. t. examine, investigate, ஆராய்; 2. discriminate, know, அறி; 3. consider, deliberate, யோசி; 4. say, tell, சொல்லு; v. i. be well versed or proficient in, பயில்.

தேரலர், தேரார், the ignorant; 2. enemies.
தேர்ச்சி, v. n. investigation; 2. learning discernment; 3. progress, proficiency.
தேர்ச்சித்துணைவர், the ministers of a state; statesmen.
தேர்ந்துபார்க்க, to deliberate, to examine in the mind.
தேர்ந்தெடுக்க, to accept after due deliberation, to choose.
தேர்தல், v. n. examining, enquiring into, saying, telling, discriminating, knowing.
தேர்வு, v. n. proficiency, mature practice, பயிற்சி; 2. as தேர்ச்சி.

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