English Meaning of netuku

Meaning of 'netuku' (நெடுகு)

, III. v. i. extend, be lengthened or protracted, நீடி; 2. grow tall, high, long, உயர்; 3. die, சா.

நெடுக, adv. (inf.) straight on, straight along, directly; 2. lengthwise.
நெடுக இருக்க, to sit in a row, to last long, to wait long.
நெடுகப்பிடிக்க, to continue as rain; 2. to pass on without stopping at the usual places; 3. to be long delayed, as rain; 4. to waste away as property (prov.); 5.to stretch or hold a thing at full length; 6. to take up time; 7. to protract a speech, an action etc.
நெடுகப்போக, to go straight on.
நெடுக வளர், to grow high and straight.
நெடுக விட, to let out as a cord, to put off a thing.
நெடுகினகாரியம், protracted tedious business; 2. a desperate matter.

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