English Meaning of nerukku

Meaning of 'nerukku' (நெருக்கு)

, III. v. t. press, urge, throng, ஒடுக்கு, 2. oppress, afflict, vex, இடுக் கப் படுத்து; 3. attack, assail, தாக்கு; 4. limit, confine, circumscribe, சுருக்கு; v. i. be frequent, persevere, தொடரு; 2. prevail as famine, epidemics, war etc. பரம்பு; 3. be severe as disease, be abundant as rain.

நெருக்கடி, v. n. oppression hardship, force, compulsion.
நெருக்கல், v. n. & s. pressing, crushing, compressing, crowding etc; 2. closeness, compactness; 3. pressure of business; 4. straits, நெருக்கம்.
நெருக்கியிருக்க, to sit close, to be thronged.
நெருக்கிவைக்க, to compact, to press compactly together.
நெருக்கு, v. n. pressure, importunity, hard treatment, compulsion, severity, throng, bruise etc. as the verb.
நெருக்குவாரம், (prov.) compulsion etc. as நெருக்கு.

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