English Meaning of nerungku

Meaning of 'nerungku' (நெருங்கு)

, III. v. i. be close together, அடர்; 2. approach, சமீபி; 3. be pressed, urged, plagued, ஒடுக்கப்படு; 4. be frequent in a continuous occurrence; 5. be close as relationship, connection, attachment; v. t. pursue, follow closely, பின்செல்.

நெருங்க, (com. நொறுங்க) ப்பிசைய, to knead or squeeze in the hand.
நெருங்கிப்போக, to go very often, to follow one another very closely, to be choked as grain etc.
நெருங்கின உறவு, close relationship.
நெருங்கினகாடு, a thick jungle.

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