English Meaning of inci

Meaning of 'inci' (இஞ்சி)

, s. green ginger; 2. ramparts of a fort, கோட்டைமதில்.

இஞ்சிதின்ற குரங்குபோல், as a monkey irritated by eating green ginger, (used about man suffering the consequences of his own folly).
இஞ்சிக்கொத்து, a root of green ginger with all its branches and bulbs.
இஞ்சிச்சாறு, ginger juice.
இஞ்சிச்சுரசம், medical drink prepared by pouring into a wellheated vessel the juice of ginger.
இஞ்சித்தேறு, a piece of green ginger.

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