English Meaning of oy

Meaning of 'oy' (ஓய்)

, II. v. i. desist, cease, ஒழி; 2. rest, இளைப்பாறு; 3. become tired or week, தளரு; 4. expire, perish, அழி; 5. become small, be reduced, வற்று.

ஆய்ந்தோய்ந்துபார்க்க, to consider maturely, to deliberate.
அவனுக்குக் கையும் காலும் ஓய்ந்து போயிற்று, his hands & legs have become weary & weak or paralysed through over-exertion or illness.
அடித்தோய, to desist from beating.
ஓயாமல், incessantly, without intermission.
ஓய்ச்சல் ஒழிச்சலில்லாமல், without rest or breathing time.
ஓய்ச்சல் ஒழிவு, rest, leisure.
ஓய்வு, ஓயல், v. n. cessation, ceasing, rest, weakness.
ஓய்வுநாள், the day of rest, the Sabbath day (chr.us.)

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