English Meaning of cancivi

Meaning of 'cancivi' (சஞ்சீவி)

{*}, சஞ்சீவனி, சஞ்சீவினி, s. a medicine for long life a restorative; 2. gulancha, சீந்தில்.

சஞ்சீவகரணி, a medicine which restores one to strength and consciousness; 2. the tamarind tree.
சஞ்சீவனம், restoring to life; reviving, reanimating.
சஞ்சீவி மூலிகை, a root which restores from swooning.
சஞ்சீவி பருவதம், a mountain referred to in Ramayana, as having in it herbs which restore the dead to life.
சஞ்சீவியாயிருக்க, to live long.
அமிர்த சஞ்சீவி, a medicine which restores the dead to life, an elixir of life.

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