English Meaning of na

Meaning of 'na' (நா)

, நாவு, நாக்கு, s. the tongue; 2. the tongue or clapper of a bell; 3. the bolt of a lock; 4. the mouth-piece of a musical instrument; 5. flame, தீச்சுவாலை; 6. the middle, the centre, நடு.

நாவெடுக்கவில்லை, he did not presume to answer.
நாவெழவில்லை, நாயெழும்பவில்லை, the tongue did not move to retort.
அவன், (அவள்) நாவசைய நாடசையும், if he (she) wag his (her) tongue, the whole country is moved.
நாதாங்கி, vulg. நாராங்கி, staple of a door.
நாத்தழும்பேற, to have the tongue well trained to speak.
நாமகள், நாமடந்தை, Saraswati, goddess of the tongue i. e. learning.
நாவடக்கம், reservedness, silence.
நாவடைக்க, become speechless from calamity; 2. to refute one's objections.
நாவணம், the uvula, சிறுநாக்கு.
நாவரணை, a kind of ulcer on the tongue.
நாவலர், poets, orators, the eloquent.
நாவறட்சி, dryness of the tongue.
நாவறட்சிக் காய்ச்சல், a fever which parches the tongue.
நாவிழல், faltering of the tongue from disease, when near death.
நாவுழலை, great thirst; 2. faltering of the tongue; 3. blight from the perity, வாழ்வு.
நன்றாய், adv. well, beautifully, liberally.
நன்றாயிருக்க, to be well, to prosper, to be right.

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